Sunday, April 12, 2009

Questions of the Day - April 12, 2009

s battle asks:

I've heard of artists buying into tours. What does that mean? Does an artist ever have to pay to go on tour?

Hartmann responds:

It is not uncommon for artists, their managers or record companies to purchase opening act slots on national tours. This can be conducted as an outright purchase for cash or a guarantee to purchase and distribute tickets for each event. Sometimes advertising is the pay point where the act would purchase print or radio advertising for each of the concerts. Also agents have been known to swap slots for various clients to trade opening act positions.

s battle follows up:

How much does it cost to buy into a tour?

Hartmann continues:

It depends on the tour. Who the headliner is and whether or not they care about you personally. How many people will you play for is a determining factor. You must also consider the cost of doing the tour. If you travel with a band and must purchase the opening act slot you could be talking a lot of money. It is better to earn the slot rather than buy it. It usually takes the clout and capital resources of a record label, agent or manager to make this work. However, if you had the Black-eyed Peas tour, for example, you could probably get a large advance from a merch company that would defray the costs. There is more than one way top skin a cat.

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