Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Guest Shot - Peter Arko - April 29, 2009


Hey Prof. Hartmann:

I thought you might be interested in hearing about this! In August I started an
eclectic music blog called Ears of the Beholder with the intention of keeping my
friends up to date on my latest interests in music. The idea was and has always been
to keep the writing simple and let the readers decide for themselves. Since then it
has evolved quite a lot and I've gained an international readership of a few
thousand every week! With a growing name in the blog world I have been positioned
between artists/labels/PR and the fans as a "tastemaker" (although I don't think of
myself as that!). While I hardly make any money, I do get quite a lot of free music!
As someone interested in the evolution of the music industry, I thought you might
appreciate knowing that us bloggers have secured a crucial position in the Holodigm.
There is a rapidly growing audience for bloggers thanks to several successful
aggregator sites like Hype Machine and MOG that syndicate our content and point
their millions of viewers back to our personal sites. Artists and their
representation often go through people like me who attract a specific type of music
fan to more effectively promote their material. The beauty of it is out of those
people who contact me, I still have the final say on who I choose to blog about -
since I know my fans best. Through outlets like Facebook and Twitter - I now follow
you by the way ( - I can go another step and actually dialogue with
fans and other bloggers giving readers not just a publication to read, but a
community to participate in! While I'm sure this is not all news to you, feel free to share my site and my thoughts with your class. They might be interested in hearing about your alumni!
Hope all is well. Regards, Peter Arko

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