Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Question of the Day - April 21, 2009

buddy d asks:


Do you think that mobile devices [iPhone, Blackberry, etc.] will help or hurt the industry? On one hand, it seems like iTunes-like distribution channels, which have sold literally billions of songs, are good for the industry. They help sell songs, promote artists, and reduce pirating by offering cheap, easy-to-buy music. On the other hand, I feel like it increases the entry barriers for artists because they have to jump through more hoops as the primary music devices shift from CD players and the like to phones and mobile mp3 & video players. Thoughts?

Hartmann responds:

I believe the applications will continue to evolve in more an more creative ways. Eventually everything will be done on your cell phone. And they may even become defense mechanisms and weapons. Music will become cheaper and easier to buy than steal. Everybody who loves his own music and makes cheap records will not have a career. Only the most talented and driven will overcome the gravity in th elevator to The Big Top and turn their music into profitable business ventures.

buddy d continues:

I wonder if the movie industry will follow suit with the music industry's excellent distribution and low cost model. Movies on iTunes are the same price as buying a DVD [$10-$20] and they are not even in HD! I get my HD content via "other" means but I wish I could just buy through iTunes for a low price - maybe $5 each for full HD content. Oh well, I guess that's a separate issue.

Hartmann adds:

It is only a matter of time and circumstance before movies will be digitally down loaded at low fees just as music is. More sophisticated forms of theatrical entertainment will be introduced to bring audiences out to cyber-theaters where a sensual involvement in the drama will be enhanced by full spectrum audio-visual stimulation. Check out The Allosphere at UCSB.edu for a glimpse of a new technology that will put the audience into the drama in a very realistic way.

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