Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Question of the Day - April 7, 2009



M. De La Pena asks:

What are some things that you wish managers did now that they used to do before and what are some things that managers nowadays have improved on over the generations?

Hartmann responds:

Personal Managers are first and foremost creative entrepreneurs. The profession is constantly evolving as the circumstances in the music industry change. These are unique times and a major paradigm shift is in play. What worked in the olden days may not be applicable now. The traditional role of managers is to champion the artist's dreams and create the executive team that will bring those dreams to fruition. The principals never change. However, the rules that govern today's activities are made to be broken but must be understood so they are not broken by accident. Novice managers learn their craft at the expense of their clients careers. This is not good. A Holodigm Manager is trained to anticipate the possible problems and keep them from happening. We are like Smokey The Bear: We prevent the fires; that way we don't waste time, money and energy putting them out.

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