Monday, April 27, 2009

Question of the Day - April 27, 2009



conradz asks:

I have a friend who is a young Rap Artist from harlem living in CA, he has the talent and the first CD he produced is good and people who listen to it like it. He is currently performing in small venues once in a while but doesn't seem to be going anywhere, what do you recommend he does? i think if his music was marketed right he could be big.. what do you think?

Hartmann resonds:

Many artists have music rolling around in their heads; occasionally some get it out and onto a disc. In the music Renaissance performing live is the key to success. One can get fees for the gig and sell CDs and merch to the audience. These are vital income streams that contribute to the act's survival. Many are lost in the fog of showbiz and don't know what to do next. This is where personal managers come in. Someone has to run the day to day business and get the bookings. Most often the artist is not good at this. Artists who are alone and stuck should find someone they trust to be in business with and enroll them in The Holodigm Seminars. They will learn how to build and run a music business; and they will get coaching from me and my staff on line. The Internet and digital recording have made the barrier to entry very low; anybody can play. The traditional builder of new artists was the record companies. However, they have abandoned that responsibility and it is now a do it yourself world. Only the most talented and driven artists will survive.

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