Saturday, April 25, 2009

Question of the Day - April 25, 2009


e yates asks

Do DJ's who mix parts other songs together and make a profit from them such as Girl Talk and Milkman have to pay royalties to each of those artists?

Hartmann Responds

Yes, DJs using all or part of any copyrighted material are responsible for the mechanical royalties that are legally due to the songwriter and publisher of the original songs. The stutory rate of 9.1 cents is payable on every unit sold. Since a lot of these sales occur at live events and are not clearly documented there is a considerable room for the DJs to ignore this responsibility. This automatically creates yet another forum for piracy of copyrighted material. The infraction is not only against the publisher and songwriter; but the rights of record labels who own the original masters are also being violated. I expect that the most successful artists like Girl Talk will be carefully scrutinized and could eventually suffer severe penalties if they are violating the intellectual property rights of third parties.

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