Thursday, April 30, 2009

Question of the Day - April 30, 2009


Matt Schefke asks:

Hey, I was wondering if you think that in the near future or ever, recording engineers are going to be replaced by the artist themselves and a mac? Considering the way in which technology has become accessible and easy to learn for anybody is this s a possibility?

Hartmann responds:

The cutting edge of quantum physics today is exploring the Measurement Theory which says that nothing exists until it is being measured by one of our senses. Up until the moment music is being listened to, it is just energy. Energy is never gained or lost it is just changed in the process of usage. Until someone listens to music it is not there. Engineers will always provide the ears that will measure, change and determine the quality and content of a recorded sound. For this reason there will always be a place for them. Some will be more talented than others at creating the changes. In the future, it will be very important for musicians and singers to develop as many skills in the recording arts as possible. Every job that they can accomplish in the process eliminates a person who must be paid to provide that service. In the music renaissance survival will be dictated by controlling and retaining the various income streams. A performer, songwriter, producer, engineer will keep the money that might have been paid for each of those activities.

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