Friday, April 17, 2009

Question of the day - April 17, 2009


d gilchrist asks:

How much capital is needed to obtain mass-market exposure for a new artist? What would be the first step in such a campaign? What would be the quickest and most effective avenue to focus on if capital is not an issue? Gigs? Internet? Radio? TV?

Hartmann responds:

Capital investment can always speed up the process. However, you can start your business on line for free. All you need is to understand what you are dealing with and how the Internet works in terms of music exploitation and digital convergence. There are only two primary activities, recording and performing. Start out by making a record that can be given away for free on the internet. Then book live gigs and sell hard copies of the record to the audience. Add T-shirts and other merch as able. Stay close to home so you don't spend the money on travel and hotels. If you can't make it at home, you can't make it anywhere. If you can make it at home you can make it everywhere. If it ain't good live, dump it and manage somebody else. Radio is very expensive and not very effective when everybody is listening to his iPod. TV is a merit based medium focused on ratings. If you aren't happening to some degree the producers aren't interested. Talent TV is very dangerous and destroys more career than it makes. Do it yourself on the Internet.

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