Friday, April 10, 2009

Question of the Day - April 10, 2009

nfreedman9 asks:

Who are some of your personal favorite Hip Hop artists/groups ever and where do you see the future of Hip Hop going in the future? Would you or have you ever managed a Rap group?

Hartmann responds:

My favorite Hip Hop artist is Tupac Shakur. I consider him the Bob Dylan of the genre. He had the most poetic skills and enormous charisma. He was well on his way to movie stardom at the time of his demise. Even after his death his records continue to sell and his poetry is very popular. I also like Ice T and Ice Cube. My record company, Jake Records, released the last Digital Underground album and I like Shock G. I would certainly have managed a rap act if it was available and gave me goose bumps, but I never have. I think the genre has reached its classic form and will not produce much original product in the future.

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