Thursday, April 23, 2009

Question of the Day - April 23, 2009



Kevin Peterson asks:

I know many of your students past and present log onto The Holodigm to post questions look things up and discuss the music business. How quickly are other people registering to the site and how do you think you can attract more support to the site besides word of mouth? Do you think that the current price is an amount people are willing to pay now and in the future?

Hartmann responds:

Most of the current users of the "Blog" and "Forum" are students who are enrolled in my classes at LMU. Some are former students from Musicians Institute. Membership in The Holodigm Academy is growing steadily without any off line promotion. The test period has proven itself to be very beneficial to the development of the system. We are in the process of writing some new lectures and feature material that will be filmed next month. As soon as the new material is posted we will start an extensive media campaign that will address, online marketing, conventional press, new media and viral, social networking strategies. The core demographic for this information is represented by the millions of musicians, singers and bands currently listed at Most of these artists are lost in the fog of showbiz. The Holodigm System's information will facilitate the career pursuits of those artists. The price point is experimental, but considering that LMU students pay $2500 dollars for the same information and that university level courses presented online cost as much as $1,000 the price seems fair and reasonable. The extant customers indicate a high degree of satisfaction with their purchase of The Holodigm Seminars package. Their opinions can be reviewed by clicking on the "Testimonials" button at

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