Friday, April 24, 2009

Question of the Day - April 24, 2009


Hailey Lennon asks:

I still cannot decide if I like American Idol and what it stands for but I know many feel that it is not a legitimate way of becoming an artist. I wondered your opinion on this way. Are these artists becoming famous more through celebrity rather than talent or do you believe those involved with the show would have made it in the music industry anyway?

Hartmann responds:

A truly talented, pure musician must think twice about presenting himself on American Idol. Talent TV is one of the pathways on The Stairway to Heaven as presented in The Holodigm Seminars. The contestants are exploited for TV ratings and advertising dollars. The fame that results from quick exposures without building a live act through the traditional night club and concert system is just as quickly erased as it is gained. It does not come with an executive team that can create continuity and duration in the act. Far more careers have ended on American Idol than have been created. Colonel Tom Parker told me that the object of Personal Management is to build duration into the act. Artists who rise fast crash fast. There are of course exceptions to every rule and a handful of truly gifted people have built professional careers after success on the show; Jennifer Hudson and Carrie Underwood stand out. But when you consider the hundreds of artists who had this exposure and have dissapeared into obscurity one must assume that these two have "made it" despite American Idol rather than because of it. All the show did was speed up the process. Artists who gain fame from TV exsposure must still build the core team that will sustain their long term careers and the end result will not be evident until twenty years down the line. There is no easy way to The Big Top.

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