Thursday, June 4, 2009

Question of the Day - KNOWLEDGE - June 4, 2009


Andy Stevens asks:

In my most humble opinion, without a doubt, hands down, I would have to say the answer to this question is Mr. John Hartmann. What does everyone else think?

Hartmann responds:

I appreciate the vote of confidence suggesting that I might be worthy of this app elation. It is fair to say that I have a very well analyzed point of view on the historical perspective. After working as a manager, agent and record executive in the music industry for over fifty years I have a lot of practical experience. Teaching Recording Industry Business Practice for the past seven years has forced me to articulate that experience in a comprehensive and instructive manner. Combining that history with my vision of the future of the business, as expressed in The Holodigm Seminars, definitely puts me in a unique position and provides a forum for my opinions.

All that being said, I think the most knowledgeable person in the music business today has to be Irving Azoff. His giant personal management enterprise controls the career direction of most of the greatest performing artists. As the CEO of TicketMaster they provide the integral service of putting fans in the seats. The impending, expected merger with Live Nation, who promote thousands of concerts around the world every month, will create a virtual monopoly of music marketing. As the master manipulator of all this multi-faceted empire, Mr. Azoff takes the title of most knowledgeable.

The record industry is in a state of rapid decline. Not only are the major record companies losing value in the stock market, they are shrinking in size every day. As recently as this week the stalwart source of radio airplay activity, Radio & Records Magazine has announced its final edition. The postmodern record business will continue to deflate and more such failures should be anticipated. The Internet continues to attract music fans and dominates as the method of choice for the acquisition of recorded music.

As significant as Azoff's empire has become, it can only handle a fraction of the artist seeking to build their careers in The Music Renaissance. The millions of residents selling songs remain lost in the fog of showbiz. The Holodigm music system offers a mechanism for these artists to learn how the business of music is conducted. It provides a clear process for discerning the widening gap between the record business and the recording industry.
Music has been conducted as a business enterprise for thousands of years. The record industry is comparatively young and has always been vulnerable to the constant progression of technology. The digital age has brought a new freedom to the creative expression of music. It has put the tools for songwriting and recording in the hands of an entire generation.

The revolutionary, low cost recording process has changed the face of the art form. Today, anyone with a song, a MacBook and a microphone can call himself an artist. As always, talent will dictate the standard of quality. Now, more than ever, the choice is in the hands of the music fan. The postmodern record industry has lost its ability to dictate the taste of the people.

Free music has expanded the musical universe and put every style and the extant global library of music up for grabs. Anyone can access every genre of music at any time and payment is not a necessity but a choice. Choose well, peer-to-peer file sharing is theft. Some artist's life depends upon you. Irving has created a home for the established musiicans and The holodigm has a place for the rest. The business of music will reinvent itself and be bigger than ever. Join the revolution at

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