Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Question of the Day - FAN BASE - June 3, 2009



Robin Moxey asks:

If a fan base is essential for an artists success and is at the base of the pyramid of show biz, what are some successful tactics in gaining a large fan base?

Hartmann responds:

Recent scientific research has proven that certain paleolithic caves scattered around France are in fact ancient concert halls. The extensive investigation was prompted by the discovery that some larger caverns had specific similarities and unique characteristics. Acoustic experts determined that without a doubt these special venues were gathering places for music and dance. Weather the patrons of these events were engaged in hunting rituals, war parties, or fertility rites, they were among the first music fans to embrace the concept of entertainment.

Building a successful band today is a full time job. When not writing, recording & performing a band must be proactive on the Internet. There are millions of singers, musicians and bands on myspace.com and youtube.com as, well as dozens of other music sites. The truly talented are lost in the morass. Performing artists cannot wait for the fans to search through the available competitors. They must go out and find them directly through networking and cross-pollination.

It is important to utilize the available networking sites and design all roads to lead back to the artist's personal home site They must provide a clear depiction of the band's image and post solid, representative music. Creating and operating a "blog" to keep the collective fans involved is vital. Link to other artists in your genre and compatible online music venues. Create a club that has personal interactivity. Turn your fans into partners and give them rewards for participating. Free downloads, special ticket prices or emblems and signs of membership will keep fans invovled and loyal. Everybody is looking for a place to belong. Give them jobs and reward them for their Contributions.

Your fan base starts with those who love you the most. Collect their email addresses and keep your list current. Each one is precious. Once gained, keep them entertained by constant and personal communication. If they ask questions, provide personal answers. Provide an interactive "forum" so you can share the Q&A with your followers. Pay special attention to the most ardent participant rs so the others notice and join in the activities. Use them to promote your personal appearances and merchandise sales. Give away t-shirts with your logo on them. Each one is a walking billboard for your act. A proactive fan base can ensure your survival.

Acquiring fans is most likely to happen at your live events. Make certain that you have a collection system. This can be accomplished with a post card that asks for their personal information and promises a reward. An attractive person circulating a clipboard can perform miracles. The bonding experience at a live show is very powerful and that is when you want to enroll the audience in your fan base. Get 'em while they're hot and keep them happy.

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