Monday, June 1, 2009

Question of the Day - DISCIPLINE - June 1, 2009


Brnadon Keim asks:

Can you explain how discipline fits into the bigger picture leading to action?

Hartmann responds:

The body's agenda instinctively precludes the goals constructed in the imagination. All creative action begins in the mind. We are constantly bombarded with torrents of thought that, stimulated by our senses, emanate from the collective consciousness. These thoughts engage the imagination and governed by our conscience, emotions and will power, we devise goals. Bringing our goal array to fruition requires putting our bodies into the action of choosing and making decisions.

Each act of choice is based on our perception of what is the correct thing to do next. This is where knowledge comes into play. If you make your choices based on mis perceptions you will falter and your plans will go awry. You must rely upon your memory to help you discern what is the proper course of action based on past experience. Your imagination will envision the possibilities and provide a chain of options to solve the problem.

Our bodies instinctively pursue consumption, propagation, contention and entertainment. They do not willingly embrace the concept of "work." However, our minds crave the achievement of our imagination's desires. This requires getting into action to overcome the resistance imposed by the natural world. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

If no action is taken fate will provide a consequence, but it may not support your ultimate goal. Through mental discipline we can command our bodies to get up of the couch, overcome the body's agenda, and take specific action to achieve the next goal.

By forcing the body to accomplish the next phase of achievement we are being proactive creators of our own futures. Closing the mind+body gap is the process that enables discipline. When we allow our body's to dictate the action we are surrendering our will power to the four instincts. When we demand that our bodies get to work on solving the problems at hand we are creating our own destinies.

If one is having a hard time getting the energy flowing in the right direction there are methods available that reinforce our will power. The practice of yoga, meditation, Tai Chi and other martial arts helps develop physical discipline and enables the achievement of mind + body balance. A centered and balanced body, directed by a clear and focused mind, can achieve any realistic goal the imagination can devise. All that is required is taking the appropriate action. Success is created not born.

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