Saturday, June 6, 2009

Question of the Day - COMPONENTS - June 7, 2009


Joe Harris asks:

What are all the components necessary to create a successful artist?

Hartmann responds:

Talent is the primary, requisite ingredient contributing to success in entertainment. You may not be able to describe talent, but you know it when you see it. Goosebumps bump, the hair on your arms bristles and something tickles inside. You have seen something inspirational and your imagination revels in the possibilities. Talent must be fortified with rehearsal and practice.

Material is a vital ingredient. In music the song is the thing. A superior repertoire must be created so the artist can develop a concert act. Building bands in The Music Renaissance will require at least one hour of material that can excite a live audience and be recorded for promotion and sales. No matter the number of song writers, best tune wins.

Charisma and sex appeal have always played significant roles in building personal appearance attractions and recording artists. These are the two primary activities in music, recording and performing. The skillfull integration of these activities can breed a perpetual cycle where tixkets sell records and records sell tickets. Personality is a major ingredient in an artist's success.

Passion is always important. If an artist is not obsessively driven to succeed he probably won't. The music business provides the matrix for one of the most competitve environments in entertainment. More people aspire to be rock stars than any other single pursuit. Unfortunately, 100% of the money will be earned, by 10% of the artists. 90% of that money will be earned by 1% of the artists. These are terrible odds, yet somebody winds best new artist every year.

Knowledge of the game of showbiz and epractical experience in the real world are important factors in building a career. Training of artists, managers and entrepreneurs in the systems, mechanics, protocols and politics of the new music industry paradimg can accelerate the process. Artists and their management teams must know hot to play, play well, have talent and get lucky to survive. Survival means, make your living from music with no day job. If you do that, you've already won. These are not all the ingredients but there are enough here to get you started.

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