Thursday, June 25, 2009



J. Gutto comments:

We all know the internet, especially file sharing, has been the bane of the music industry for years now. Record companies figured out how to swing it to their advantage to a certain extent, but on the whole the industry is suffering. Not because of illegal downloads or ripped youtube videos, but because of the lack of sheer musicianship seen in popular music today. That being said, there are still great contemporary bands that follow the classic models formed by groups such as Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd that became superstars through their own artistic avenues, but those contemporary bands fall through the cracks because they have no financial backing. The music industry is out to make money, not music. Greed stifles individuality and all you have left is an over-processed and over-produced pile of garbage that sounds exactly like the group that was in the week before. I say let the musicians run their own industry. It might not be as profitable for the suits in the labels, but that's just too bad. Let the people reclaim their art. Music is too important to be left to record exec's.

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