Thursday, June 25, 2009

GUEST SHOT - MUSIC - June 25, 2009


Molly Hankins comments:

Dance music. It's never needed to sell records to thrive, it appeals to hippies, indie kids, and the international elite. You hear it in car commercials, in line at Six Flags, in clubs of all genres across theworld. Anyone can be a DJ, it's entirely democratic and anyone with a computer can make a beat or remix, up tempo, down tempo or anywhere in between. Touring costs are relatively low so the show can get on the road and sustain more easily than live acts. It's just catching on in the mainstream as genres start to bend. Electronic everything is the future. Just ask The Whip and GhostlandObservatory. No one's ever heard of them yet they can make 5 figures anywhere in the world any night of the week and they don't move any units.

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