Sunday, June 14, 2009

Question of the Day - DOCUMENTARIES - June 14, 2009


Megan Berry asks:

What is essential in making a rock documentary that will truly impact the music industry, and make a difference in classes like Rock on Film?

Hartmann responds:

In the realm of documentary film making the primary, essential ingredient is choosing the right subject. The greatest examples in the music category are accomplished when talented directors align with the best artists. Martin Scorsese and The Rolling Stones, Jonathon Demme and Neil Young , Malcolm Leo and Andrew Solt's "This Is Elvis" and Bernard Shaky (Neil Young) directing "CSNY Deja Vu" provide some of the most powerful examples. Only a truly significant artist can provide an historical legacy that is significant enough to sustain a feature length documentary.

Other important considerations include the availability of archival footage and access to the subject artist in order to create original material. Documentaries are primarily editing projects that are most effective when their is a budget appropriate to the creators' intention. Producers and directors should carefully map out story boards for the production; and they should have all the requisite footage in hand before they begin cutting the film. Well written and performed narration is often the key to making a film that impacts the market place. Producers should allot enough money in the budget to cover the cost of synchronization and master use licenses for the significant music from the artist's career. Combining these elements with a talented director's vision, a true love of the star involved and a passionate commitment to the process will produce the best end product.

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