Monday, May 11, 2009

Question of the Day - May 11, 2009


Patrick Hill asks:

What attribute is most crucial to reach superstardom in todays society?

Hartmann responds:

Superstardom starts with the three magic "O"s. One of the most important ingredients in super sucess is Obsession. You have to really want it more than anything else. The gravity imposeed by the status quo in the elevator to The Big Top is enormous, especially in The Music Renaissance where there is no template for success. Optimism is a vital necessity as well, you must believe that you are going to make it. Artists reaching for Elvisland will suffer many ups and downs in their careers. It is imperative that they have enough self confidence and conviction of their ultimate victory to overcome the failures that are certain to accrue. No career is perfect and showbiz is a team sport so it is vital to exercise Obligation to your word, by doing what you say you will do. It takes deep integrity and loyalty to sustain long term success. The object is to build an enduring career. The consistant support of the core professionals in your executive group is your only insurance. You must know how to play the game, play well and get lucky. However, the most important ingredient is "Talent." It is easy to tell what is great, when it comes to music, but it is sometimes hard to tell what is not great. My personal talent guage for recognizing a star, is "goose-bumps." If the act isn't great, I don't get them.

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