Thursday, May 7, 2009

Question of the Day - May 7, 2009


Buddy D. asks:

Is "beat" enough? I enjoy hip-hop and rap music. I'll be the first to admit though, many songs, that I actually enjoy, have some crude lyrics that I don't really appreciate. However, the beat is so captivating that it overrides whatever the lyrics.Do you think that is enough to sustain an industry that promotes some very rude and immoral actions? Don't get me wrong, there are plenty of artists that aren't offensive but 80% of rap/hip-hop songs are not family friendly but the beat carries the song. Can rap/hip-hop stay afloat on this concept?

Hartmann responds:

Rap music has reached its classic form by fomenting revolution and alienation. The genre will wane from the ubiquitous popularity Hip Hop artists have enjoyed in recent decades. Electronica is the new genre and is breaking wide open on the back of a strong dance component and popular DJs manipulating the music of rappers and classic artists. New stars are emerging with a hybrid approach like superstar Lady GaGa. She is taking elements from rap, electronica and classic sources. Her debut LP is approaching platinum and is one of the best selling records of the year. See the Electric Lady Lands post on by clicking on the "blog" button above. The "beat" goes on and has brought the digital generation to its collective feet. Dancing is the new self-expression and is replacing anger, protest, obscenity and violence oriented issues promoted by rap music from its inception. Not that all this hip hopping will totally go away, but it will not be the force it once was in popular music. Every generation puts a hero up the pop charts. This season it is a lady with talent, charisma, sex appeal and great music that makes you want to dance. So, don't blame the "beat" get up on your feet and dance. The next big thing is coming to an arena in your town. It will take many more albums and artists to embrace the electronica genre before the wave is universally recognized as a major music movement.

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