Monday, May 18, 2009

Question of the Day - May 18, 2009


John McCain asks:

In the wake of massive job loss throughout the country and a declining "record" industry, what is your advice for recent college graduates looking for jobs? I feel like the industry is already hard enough to get into, and now with the supersaturation of qualified talent trying to maintain their jobs these days, is the class of '09 totally screwed?

Hartmann responds:

There is no doubt that the nature of career building in every profession has changed due to what we euphemistically call "the economic downturn." The degree of difficulty has altered exponentially for the worse. This effects every industry, but is geometrically more difficult for music and entertainment in general. We are coming off of thirty years of "BIG" business controlling the government, starting with Reagan's union busting and institutional deregulation philosophy. It took over a hundred years to build a strong labor movement in America and only three decades to prove what a terrible idea it was to leave corporations to control their own appetites for profit. This economic system just plain did not work. The situation was not helped much during the Clinton years and "W" took it to the point of disaster. Even when they investigated people like Bernie Madoff, they were so ideologically in bed with them, they failed to discover the crime until it was too late. There is still no clear path to recovery in sight. What it boils down to is that these people were not fiscally conservative, even though they wrapped themselves in the term and the flag. Greed driven, laissez- faire capitalism has fallen on its face. The class of 2009, and their children and grand children, will pay for these mistakes for many years. So where does that leave you in terms of "making a living?" In a terrible mess! Virtually every industry is shrinking. This leaves over-qualified people available to take the smaller jobs and pushes the middle class toward the poverty line. The sad part is that those getting a check won't even feel this and those who don't have income are being pushed to the brink of despair. The egalitarian elite regard the growth of the middle class as a mistake and want to create a poverty class to provide the soldiers for their perpetual wars. Before World War l & ll this country was owned by the "idle rich" and toiled in by the "working poor." The victorious armies returning home had to be rewarded. What they got was education. Once educated they realized that they had rights. The assertion of those rights created the great "Peace & Freedom" movement of the fifties, sixties and seventies. Racism was exposed for the insidious evil that it is and women were recognized as equally as valuable as men. Some would say, more valuable. I say equal, but more important to our future recovery. Now that the rich have realized the error, of allowing a powerful middle class to rise, they are bent on a destructive agenda to bring it down. This is a clear part of the neoconservative rhetoric if anyone took the time to listen to the whole story. I agree that getting past the propaganda and "fear" media assault is difficult. Read what they advocate, its in hundreds of books The Democrats are centrist enough; anything to the right of them is going to breed more of the same and will result in the destruction of America as we know it, and as the founding fathers dreamed it should be. The youth who have elected Obama did so out of a conviction and hope that all this could change. The U.S. Constitution calls for rebellion, against the enemy within, under these circumstances. Rebuilding the banking infrastructure and turning our survival over to Wall Street is not the solution. We must precipitate an evolution revolution, restore the Constitution to its pre Bush efficacy and put an end to all these wars both military and cultural. It is un-American to live in fear. Terrorism can only be fought through hearts and minds. Every time we bomb one we create five more. They exist because societies support them and there is a desperate need to include the third world in the survival process. It is a media war and far cheaper to conduct than one that relies on fire, hot lead and jet fuel. So, if you are seeking a job in the real world, focus on peace, freedom and survival. The greening of the planet can become the new American business model. The debate is over, if we don't transform idealistically and turn our heads around, the body will never follow. It all begins in the mind and grows there through visualizing a better future. Careers in music will be built around individual artists creating a business management force around their artistic talents. They will have to crawl toward the survival line, and if lucky enough to reach that plateau, build progress from there. The best thing to do is find a talented act and turn it into a business, in partnership with the artist. This effort is supported by The Holodigm System which trains and assists you in being an entrepreneur. Your survival will be about your personal choices, your passion to succeed and the talent of the artist you choose to be in business with. At least you will not be dependant on an archaic industry that is crashing and burning under the weight of its own excesses. It will not be easy. Not only will you have to know how to play the game, you must play perfectly well, and have an artist with extraordinary talent, but you must also get lucky. If you can avoid joining the army you are already ahead of the game. If you can survive in the music business and make a living without a day job you have already won.

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