Thursday, May 21, 2009

Question of the Day - May 21, 2009


Paul Patterson asks:

I haven't seen the movie "Yes Man" yet, but I've been trying to incorporate this positive response philosophy into my own life. Outside of anything illegal (or at least extremely illegal), do you have any advice for someone trying to try different things for a change?

Hartmann responds:

It is important to be a proactive, positive person with confidence and a creative approach to life. To gain a clear focus on this concept read the book "Psycho-Cybernetics" by Dr. Maxwell Maltz. Also, get into yoga and meditation. These are all empowerment tools that will help you make your daily choices the correct ones. There is always the right choice, the wrong choice, and every choice in between. Developing your awareness through meditation helps you make clear constructive decisions. This practice closes the mind + body gap and helps you develop mental discipline to overcome the body's instinctive agenda. The mind imagines an array of goals that is designed to bring your desires to fruition. Your body wants to consume, propagate, contend and be entertained. Will power is the force you generate to overcome these instincts and put your body in action to succeed in bringing your dreams to fruition. If you sit around and wait for life to deliver your future you have surrendered to fate. By taking action on a richly imagined vision of your future, you are creating your own destiny. When in doubt, do something. Every problem comes with its own solution. Clear thinking in the face of trouble is imperative. When you are challenged to overcome the difficulties generated in every day life it helps to remember the three "Ps" adversity. Tell yourself it is not PERSONAL, it is not PERVASIVE and it is not PERMANENT. Assure yourself that it will get resolve and move forward, in action, to create the solution. This is what successful people do. It is how winners reach The Big Top.

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