Sunday, May 17, 2009

Question of the Day - May 17, 2009


D. Parra asks:

Just wanted to know if you (or anyone reading this) have heard of any bands that you think might have the potential to be the next superstar? If not, then any bands that are just really good that most people might not have heard of yet?

Hartmann responds:

I just heard of an act coming out of Long Beach, California called New Boys who have a song called "You're A Jerk" that is part of the driving force behind a new dance step called "The Jerk." This record has been getting a huge number of hits on the Internet and has come to the attention of real music publishers and record companies. There are a couple other acts and a specific young producer pushing this music forward. The local teens are bringing the movement to life. The audience is the one true judge of what is hip and cool. My opinion doesn't mean much when it comes to new music, but if you are looking for something new and exciting, I would keep an eye on this one. You don't get all those web hits for nothing. I also think Simone Battle a.k.a. Little Miss Muffin is a talented teen with the potential to create a huge following. Will I. Am gave her that stage name when she worked as a background singer and dancer with Black Eyed Peas. This girl has a passionate commitment to her career, a great voice, beauty, sex appeal and could do it all in film TV and music. It is impossible to say where the next big thing will come from or when the star will rise. However, I do think the prime ingredient of all the recquired criteria for superstardom will be TALENT. The day of the packaged celebrity cashing in on anything but great songs and performing skills is long gone.

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