Sunday, May 10, 2009

Question of the Day - May 10, 2009


tharri12 asks:

I was interested in learning more about michael jackson and his role in contributing to rock and roll. Was he an influential factor? I would have liked to see the movie about him incorporated in the course ( I cant think of the title I thinks its The American Dream).

Hartmann responds:

Michael was and remains a major force in popular music. He is a bona fide genius of the rock & roll genre. His songwriting and performing skills brought enormous creativity and innovation to the Motown Sound. His association with Quincy Jones produced some of the greatest music ever. Many other artists had successful careers inspired by his unique style. Michael was introduced into the exotic lifestyle of the music culture at a very early age and this may have insulated him from a lot of life's developmental processes. His eccentricities have led to a lot of criticism, but he is probably more innocent than he is often portrayed. I will watch The American Dream and consider it for inclusion in the Rock On Film syllabus.

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