Sunday, May 10, 2009

GUEST SHOT - Michael Ambrosia - May 10, 2009


Lady GaGa as the face of electronic music...cmon', seriously! I am a electronic music connoisseur. I have been producing, dj'ing, and collecting electronic music of all different sub-genres for years. In my mind...Lady Gaga is not the modern face of electronic music. What about the producers....the dj's.....the originators.

Hartmann adds:

I am very interested in a comprehensive analysis of the genre from you. Electronic music has been a cult phenomenon for about a decade and has created a huge following. For it to become the next big thing in music it will need a superstar. I see Lady GaGa as a sort of hybrid using electronic elements and dance in tandem with other pop and rock themes. Please tell us who you see as the Avatar of Electronica and how you envision the music becoming a ubiquitous force. Your devotion to the style obviously makes you a better voice than I.

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