Tuesday, November 3, 2009

QUESTION OF THE DAY - Facebook & Myspace - November 2, 2009


Facebook & Myspace

andswenson asks:

I know someone else said that an artist uses a website such as facebook or myspace to put their music out in order to get fans. However, I think that it's just the opposite. There are so many new bands and individuals who post their work up on these site who never even go anywhere. And even the ones who do get some fan base don't really go anywhere. So my question to you is do sites like facebook and myspace really help start an artist's career and do they help managers find "the band" that they are looking for?

Hartmann responds:

Social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc. allow bands to build and service a list of followers who support their music. These web sites are not of themselves anything more than conduits to reach and nourish a fan base. Like any other tool they are only as good as the user. Easy access to low cost recording and free Internet distribution allow any one to participate. This does not mean that all participants have the talent and other key ingredients required to achieve commercial success. In fact most music artists have no redeeming originality or value.

The shear number of artists and managers posting and surfing the Internet makes the process of finding the truly gifted artist extremely difficult. However, music fans searching for new music need these sources in order to conduct their search. Artists should use as many popular sites as possible and all roads should lead to the Band's personal site where the bulk of their interactivity and information resides. This is your promotional system and it is only as efficient as the person operating it. It is imperative that bands treat their business in a professional manner and use all methods available to get their music out to the widest possible audience. If the music is good the public will spread the word and the fan base will grow accordingly.

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