Monday, June 14, 2010

HOLOGRAM - BioMatrix @ Yoga Desa - Sundays



"A Youthing System for the 21st Century"

Aging is not about time, it is an accumulation of symptoms. BioMatrix Training reverses the aging process by eliminating the symptoms. Close the Mind + Body gap and realize your full potential.

Stretch, torque and meditate your way to peace, harmony and a stress free life. Empower your goals with integrated action. Position your mind to dominate and control your bodies agenda.

Find your personal balance before you are endangered, before pain masters you and your mind loses its keenness. Seek the truth and serve the light. Strive to master only yourself.

Pax et Amo. Hartmann

SUNDAYS - 12:30 PM - 1:30 PM - YOGA DESA @ PINE TREE CIRCLE - 120 Topanga Canyon Boulevard, Topanga, CA 90290

FIRST CLASS - July 11 - All ages and all stages welcome. Yoga mat required. Donation: $5

BioMatrix Coach: John Hartmann -

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