Monday, October 12, 2009

QUESTION OF THE DAY - LADY GAGA - October 12, 2009


Adam Handwerker asks:

In class you shared with us your opinion on the future of music and who or what would be the forerunners in the art. Lady Gaga was one of the artists you mentioned in the genre of electronica. Though you expressed a slight distaste for her in terms of music preference do you think she is the next superstar that will catapult music into a new era?

Hartmann responds:

Her Ladyship may not be your personal cup of tea, however she is undeniably popular. She has the only platinum album from a new artist so far this year. Her foundation as a songwriter drives her performance art which demonstrates a certain courage and creative audacity. Strong songs and good records coupled with an entertaining live show and a strong dance component are a proven combination for success. Madonna, Britney and Christina have all enjoyed fame and fortune exploiting these ingredients.

In the case of The Material Girl there was an additional skill employed to extend her career over several decades. She had an uncanny business acumen that built an empire around her musical success that extended into the establishment of Maverick Records and a film production company.

It remains to be seen if Lady GaGa can build duration into her act and compound the initial success into a life long career. Her electonica hybrid style could be the vehicle that eventually brings this musical genre to ubiquitous popularity. This long bubbling under style needs a superstar to create a universal audience. There is always the possibility that the emergence of a great star performing in a new or dormant genre, could eclipse the ultimate popularity of electronic music. However, at this time electronica appears to be the most likely source of the next big thing in pop music.

New experiments in Hip Hop have recently produced a sensation called The Jerk which with catchy beats and an innovative dance step, continue to gain popularity. This Southern California phenomenon is spreading around the globe via the Internet. Whatever catches on first, this is the process that will expose the new artists to the world wide fan base. Careers in the music renaissance will not be built from the record company penthouse down; it will evolve from the cyber-grass-roots up.

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