Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Question of the Day - DISCIPLINE - August 5, 2009


Rae Rae Benjamin asks:

I have a problem following through with my ideas. I become obsessed with something for a few weeks and put forth a tremendous effort and then, after I get bored, or it becomes too difficult, I give up. It's one thing to make plans and say you are going to achieve something, but maintaining that constant energy is difficult. How can I increase my focus and discipline?

Hartmann responds:

Ideas are in the air and belong to those who take action upon them. The mind never sleeps, even when your body does. The ancient Taoists described the universe as an ocean of mind in which each drop contains the whole. The cutting edge of modern day physics is exploring the same idea through the string theory and the quantum universe. The growing scientific opinion is that the Taoists were correct. Humanity is the vessel that contains all thoughts and ideas ever possible.

As drops in the ocean of mind, each of us is directly connected to the wisdom of the ages, and has direct access to all future possibilities. This accounts for the fact that ideas, and inventions, often occur simultaneously, from different sources, without regard to time and space. Subsequently each of us is capable of thinking brilliantly. By creative action we bring out thoughts to fruition.

Through our imaginations, and the imposition of will power, governed by conscience and emotion, we invent our lives. We are goal striving mechanisms that construct possibilities, first mentally and then on the physical plane. The thoughts that rain on us constantly define what we like and strive for, just as they indicate things we don't like and wish to abolish from our lives.

Thought is omnipresent and relentless, it enables the thinker to adjust to setbacks, correct course and implement solutions. Despite these amazing mental tools, most of us fail to bring our most passionate goals to fruition. Everything has its opposite, and every effort meets a gravitational resistance from the status-quo. Overcoming this gravity requires the imposition of discipline.

Achievement of goals is restricted by the limitations of our physical bodies. The body seeks beauty and pleasure, as it strives to avoid pain and work. Consumption, propagation, contention and entertainment are the instinctive pursuits of our physical selves. The elaborate and ambitious constructs of the mind provide the instruments we need to overcome the body's resistance to the pursuit of our goals. This requires the use of mind power to dominate the physical agenda.

Desire is like a muscle, the more you contemplate the end result, the closer you get to achieving it. However, wanting something is not enough. The greater the degree of difficulty the more challenging the contest becomes. Successful people are able to mentally dominate their physical bodies. Closing the mind + body gap is the key to developing self-discipline and stability.

There are many extant systems and methods available for increasing mental power. All forms of yoga and martial arts are avenues for developing superior mental faculties. By mentally forcing the body to take creative action, we impose discipline and empower the mind. The practice of Yoga postures, movements and stretches relieves stress and enables transcendental meditation.

Through consistent yogic practice, we eliminate pain from our bodies, which allows for an enriched meditative experience. From this practice we increase our awareness, enhance our ability to make the right choices. This mental domination over the physical agenda develops our discipline. A healthy body, hosting a disciplined mind, is an invincible combination for success.

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